Moorhead Community Voices

The FM Area Foundation is initiating a project called Moorhead Community Voices to gather input from Moorhead residents about what makes Moorhead a great place to live, and how we can improve for future generations.

There will be three community meetings in September, giving everyone an opportunity to share their ideas with friends and neighbors.

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Exploring North Dakota One Puzzle Piece at a Time

Connected Puzzles Encourage Geographic Literacy

Connected Puzzles

Have you ever wondered about the history of Billings County or where the continental divide is located? This school year 4th graders across North Dakota can learn about the history of each county through an interactive puzzle.

The FM Area Foundation is a fiscal sponsor for the new initiative called “Connected Puzzles,” which is breathing new life into the way children use puzzles.

“Puzzles have been a classic learning tool for centuries,” said Jonathan Melgaard, Kilbourne Group entrepreneur in residence. “We wanted to respect the puzzle as it was, but incorporate a new element to make it relevant to students in this day and age.”

The goal is to place one puzzle in every fourth grade classroom in North Dakota for children to learn about North Dakota’s geography and history.

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