Moorhead Community Voices

The FM Area Foundation is initiating a project called Moorhead Community Voices to gather input from Moorhead residents about what makes Moorhead a great place to live, and how we can improve for future generations.

There will be three community meetings in September, giving everyone an opportunity to share their ideas with friends and neighbors.

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Women Find Interest in Nontraditional Fields
Women's Fund Grant Supports YWCA Initiative

A few years ago, a woman staying at the YWCA’s shelter wanted to make a change for her and her family. She wanted to go back to school, but didn’t think it was feasible with a child at home. When an opportunity arose to try an eight-week manufacturing program through NDSCS, she decided to participate through the support of the YWCA and a grant from the skills and technology program. After completing the training, she secured employment, moved out of the YWCA’s housing program and is now supporting herself and her two children while completing her associate’s degree.

This story inspired the staff at the YWCA to start an initiative focused on providing training for women in nontraditional fields. “We thought this was a tremendous opportunity because a lot of the women in our shelter and housing are not employed. One of the major things we work on with women is education and employment,” said Julie Haugen, Associate Director of the YWCA. “We’re all about empowerment at the YWCA.”

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