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FM Area Foundation and Insight Technologies Donate Laptops to New American Consortium

Today, the FM Area Foundation and Insight Technologies donated four laptops and docking stations to the New American Consortium for Wellness & Empowerment. The laptops will be used for ELL classes and as a computer bank for people to apply for jobs and other types of training opportunities, said Darci Asche, Volunteer Director of Development of the New American Consortium.

The laptops were previously used at the FM Area Foundation. Insight Technologies generously donated their time to help prepare the laptops for the New American Consortium.

The New American Consortium promotes wellness and empowerment by building bridges among people, bonds between diverse communities and links to organizations. Through celebrations and programming, they facilitate trusting relationships and create healthy partnerships in the Greater Fargo-Moorhead Area.

Insight Technologies is an IT support and computer services company serving North Dakota and western Minnesota.