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New Fund Supports Initiatives in Moorhead

Community members have an opportunity to support Moorhead initiatives in a new way.

The City of Moorhead recently established a fund at the FM Area Foundation to accept donations for activities, programs, amenities and initiatives. It is called the Moorhead Community Fund and donations to the fund, which will be used for the betterment of Moorhead, are tax-deductible.

“Residents of a growing, energetic community, such as Moorhead, desire an array of park amenities, recreational activities and artistic and cultural experiences,” said Holly Heitkamp, City of Moorhead Parks & Recreation Director.

This partnership provides an opportunity for the City of Moorhead to fund more community amenities for residents and visitors without solely relying on property taxes and user fees. Donors may choose to support any of the following categories below.

River Corridor and Trails
Trails and recreational/art amenities along the trails provide a visible and publicly accessible source of pride, beauty, culture and recreation for residents (consistent with the City's River Corridor Plan).  Donations will provide recreation amenities, such as benches, garbage receptacles, dog waste receptacles and will provide a source of matching funds to leverage grant opportunities. 

Community Recreation Center/Aquatics
Moorhead’s existing swimming pool was built in 1959 and needs replacement. The goal for this project is to provide both an indoor and outdoor aquatics experience, as well as indoor gym space to provide recreational fun year-round!

Center Avenue City Center Plaza
This project is a renovation of the plaza on the south side of the Moorhead Center Mall into an updated community space.

Inclusive Playground
The City of Moorhead wants to establish a new inclusive playground, designed to provide a safe place where children of all abilities can play together.

Matson Field / Moorhead Baseball Improvements
Desired enhancements to Moorhead’s premiere baseball field includes a covered grandstand and monument sign.  Other improvements would be to the youth baseball fields at Centennial Baseball Complex that will enhance the baseball experience for Moorhead’s youth.

Dog Park in south Moorhead
Off-leash dog areas have become extremely popular and are an important park amenity in any community. Moorhead residents would like a dog park for their furry friends to exercise and play safely off-leash, providing social activity with other dogs and their owners. 

Southside Regional Park Field Lights
Southside Regional Park is home to several of Moorhead’s youth sporting organizations including football, soccer, baseball and lacrosse. Adding lights to the fields would extend the season in the spring and fall.

Arts & Culture – General
Donations to this fund will be used to create public art throughout the City of Moorhead.

K9 Police Dog
A second K-9 for the Police Department and the associated cost of training and other expenses related to maintaining the K-9 team.

Youth Scholarship Fund
Moorhead Parks and Recreation offers underprivileged Moorhead youth up to three program scholarships annually. Donations to the scholarship fund allow more children to participate, enriching their experiences by boosting confidence, supporting active play, and encouraging the growth of friendship and community pride.

The FM Area Foundation is dedicated to helping create a thriving community, and partnerships, like this, are one way we carry out this vision.

If you would like more information on any of these initiatives, please contact Holly Heitkamp, City of Moorhead Parks & Recreation Director, by phone at 218.299.5515, extension 3, or by email at


How you can support these Moorhead initiatives:

Donate Online

Write a Check
Make your check out to the FM Area Foundation with Moorhead Community Fund listed in the memo line and mail to: FM Area Foundation at 409 7th St. S, Fargo, ND 58103.