Our Funds

For more than 55 years, the FM Area Foundation has partnered with individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits to create a variety of funds to support our community. Today, we manage more than 300 funds, some with specific purposes, and others that support the community’s greatest needs.

  • George & Martha Borgie Fund Unrestricted

    Established: May 28, 1970 Created by bequest, the income from this fund provides grants to area charitable organizations through the FM Area Foundation community grant rounds.


  • George Comstock Trust/President's Discretionary Fund Designated Fund

    Established: Dec 28, 1961 One of the first funds of the FM Area Foundation, it supports the activities and students at Minnesota State University Moorhead as determined by the President of the University.


  • Gilman Toso Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund

    Established: Apr 21, 2008 This scholarship fund was established using funds from the estate of Mr. Gilman Toso to support scholarships for graduating seniors of Pelican Papids High School, Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.


  • Gooseberry Park Players Fund Agency Fund

    Established: Feb 18, 1996 An endowment fund to suppot Gooseberry Park Players, whose mission is to provide young people with a unique educational and multi-generational summer theatre experience.


  • Gordon and Caroline Anderson Fund Designated Fund

    Established: Aug 16, 1990 This fund was established as a tribute to Caroline Anderson and her husband Gordon, to support students with special needs at Agassiz Middle School.


  • Gudrun E. Powell Memorial Fund Designated Fund

    Established: Jan 01, 1988 This fund supports designated charities in Cando, N.D., and awards an annual scholarship to a graduating senior of North Star Public School.


  • Gwen Thayer Charitable Fund Unrestricted

    Established: Jul 24, 2017 A fund created by Gwen Thayer. Each year, half of the distributions from the fund will go to Adopt-A-Pet and half will be distributed through the FM Area Foundation's community grant round.


  • Harold C. Meyer Fund Designated Fund

    Established: Jan 22, 1998 During his lifetime, Harold Meyer served on the School Board. He created this endowment fund to provide support for students at Grace Lutheran School.


  • Harold H. and Mary T. Berg Fund Designated Fund

    Established: Oct 25, 2007 Established by bequest, this fund supports the designated charities of the Anne Carlsen Center in Jamestown, N.D., Dakota Boys Ranch in Minot, N.D., Federated Church in Carrington, N.D., Pontoppidan Church and United Methodist Church in Fargo.

  • Hayden Thomas Nelson Scholarship Scholarship Fund

    Established: May 16, 2016 This fund has been set up by Hayden Thomas Nelson's parents to benefit a senior at Pelican Rapids High School in Pelican Rapids, MN who has excelled in speech/debate, music, and or theater arts.


  • Healthy Childhood Partners Fiscal Sponsorship Fiscal Sponsorship

    Established: Jun 28, 2016 This fiscal sponsorship was set up to provide support to Healthy Childhood Partners during their process of creating a nonprofit corporation in Minnesota and applying or and receiving their Federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Their mission is to facilitate community support and development of quality early childhood education and childcare for birth through age six based on the principles of Waldorf/LifeWays education.


  • Heart-n-Soul Community Café Fiscal Sponsorship

    Established: Jun 14, 2016 This fund supports the activities of the Heart-n-Soul Community Café.


  • Hegland Lutheran Church Cemetery Fund Designated Fund

    Established: Aug 01, 1996 The income from this designated trust is given to support the maintenance of the Hegland Lutheran Church cemetery.


  • Helen and Charles Bailly Fund Unrestricted

    Established: Dec 27, 2002 This fund provides annual support to the FM Area Foundations grant round.


  • Heng Educational Trust Fund Scholarship Fund

    Established: Aug 01, 1995 Scholarship was created because he has strong ties to the community where he was born and raised. "Home town means a lot to me". Each year the fund provides scholarships to students graduating from Barnesville High School in Minnesota.


  • Herman Stern Charitable Fund Scholarship Fund

    Established: Apr 27, 1978 Created by Mr. Stern, the founder of Straus Clothing Stores, the income from this fund provides scholarships for students attending Valley City State University and Jamestown College.


  • Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County Endowment Fund Agency Fund

    Established: Jun 17, 2010 An endowment fund to support the Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County and its cost of operations and programming, whose mission is to collect, preserve, interpret, and ashare the history and culture of Clay County, Minnesota.

    Visit their website

  • Howell Pipe Organ Fund Designated Fund

    Established: Dec 26, 1989 Orlee Howell, who is dedicated to the beautiful music of the pipe organ, created this unique trust. The income from the fund is given to churches in North Dakota to repair, maintain or build a pipe organ.


  • Human Rights Fund Field of Interest Fund

    Established: Nov 14, 2002 This fund provides annual support to the FM Area Foundations grant round.


  • Immanuel Kant Endowment Fund I Designated Fund

    Established: Apr 05, 2018 A fund created through the revocable living trust of Immanuel J. Wilk. The income from this permanent fund shall be used by the Aleph Fund at its sole discretion.