Power of Endowment

Many donors may wish to contribute to an endowment, a permanent fund that makes a lasting impact for generations to come.

By investing your gifts, preserving the principal contribution, and putting the earnings back into the community, an endowment provides dependable, perpetual income to the nonprofit or cause of your choice.

You can choose to give to an existing fund or establish a fund of your own, and this can be done during your lifetime or through your estate plan. Starting a new fund is a great way to carry on your family name forever, and often it results in a family tradition of giving that lives on for many generations.

With permanent roots in the Fargo-Moorhead area, we are committed to honoring the intent of your charitable fund today and in the future. In fact, even if a chosen nonprofit eventually ceases to exist, we will find a nonprofit with a similar mission to replace it so your support can live on.

One Gift, Many Generations