Community Response Fund Grant Recipients

Throughout 2020, grants from the Community Response Fund were awarded to nonprofits directly involved in addressing needs in Cass-Clay, particularly for vulnerable populations, such as people experiencing homelessness, people with low incomes, people with physical and mental disabilities, senior citizens, people with limited English proficiency, people facing hardships due to lost or reduced work, etc. As well as to organizations developing community well-being for coping and healing, including youth development and mental health services.

Grants from the Community Response Fund of Cass and Clay Counties for COVID-19 relief efforts totaled $426,896. 

Grant Recipients: 

The first round of grants were awarded April 29, to the following organizations: 

  • Access of the RRV., Inc. $7,500
  • Afro American Development Association $10,000
  • A Place for Hope $7,500
  • BridgePointe Community Church $5,000
  • Cass County Rural Community Emergency Food Pantry, Inc. $5,000
  • CCRI - Creative Care for Reaching Independence $10,000
  • CHI Friendship $896.76
  • Churches United for the Homeless $15,000
  • Emergency Food Pantry $15,000
  • Family HealthCare $10,000
  • Friends of the Children-FM $10,000
  • Immigrant Development Center $10,000
  • Jasmin Childcare $15,000
  • Jeremiah Program $7,500
  • New American Consortium for Wellness & Empowerment $10,000
  • New Life Center $15,000
  • REACH Rural Enrichment & Counseling Headquarters, Inc $7,500
  • Tu’deako Group $3,000
  • YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties $15,000
  • YWCA Cass Clay $15,000

The second round of grants were awarded May 7, to the following organizations:

  • Arc of Cass County $5,000
  • Down Home $5,000
  • HERO $7,500
  • PATH ND, Inc. $12,000
  • P's & Q's Etiquette $7,500
  • ShareHouse of Fargo, Inc. $7,500
  • Valley Senior Services $15,000

The third round of grants were awarded May 18, to the following organizations:

  • Barnesville Area HELPERS $7,500
  • BIO Girls $5,000
  • Chira Global Development Organization $5,000
  • Community of Care $5,000
  • Cultural Diversity Resources $7,500
  • Fraser, Ltd. $10,000
    • An additional $10,000 in December 2020
  • Heart-N-Soul Community Cafe $12,200
  • Jail Chaplains $5,000
  • Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota $7,800
  • North Dakota Association for the Disabled $5,000
  • South Sudanese Foundation $5,000
  • South Sudan Lutheran Church $5,000
  • United Liberian Association of ND $3,500
  • WIN-Liberia $5,000

The fourth round of grants were awarded June 10, to the following organizations:

  • Apple Tree Dental $6,000
  • Bethany Retirement Living $3,000
  • Eventide Foundation $3,000
  • Fargo Public Schools Development Foundation $5,000
  • FirstLink $10,000
  • Lighthouse Church $5,000
  • The Young Shepherds $3,000

Additional grants:

  • ESHARA Pilot Project $40,000

What the Grant Recipients are Saying:

"I am so pleased and grateful to receive this news. The FM Area Foundation is doing amazing work for nonprofits in our community to help during this time of crisis. Valley Senior Services is honored to receive your support." – Chrissy Nelson, Valley Senior Services

"On behalf of the Bridgepointe Community Church food shelf and the people we serve in our beloved community, I want to thank you, and all the members of FM Area Foundation for awarding us this grant. It means a lot to us specially in this unprecedented time where everything seems uncertain and so many people in our community are in need. With this grant, we will continue to keep our door open and support more people in our community as we are going through this season of crisis. Thank you!" – Paul Aladin, Bridgepointe Community Church

"This is wonderful news! Thank you so much for the support. With the help of amazing organizations and people like you, we continue our mission of providing food and shelter to our neighbor in need." – Brent Brandt, Churches United for the Homeless

"We are sincerely grateful for your support of YWCA Cass Clay during this unprecedented health crisis. With your support, YWCA will continue to be here when women and children need us most, including during the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you so much for your continued support of providing safety, support and hope to families in our community." – Julie Haugen, YWCA Cass Clay 

"This is terrific news! Thank you and the FM Area Foundation for the continued and generous support over the years. We are extremely grateful for the support that will allow us to continue our mission! Telehealth has been a lifesaver and the support from the FM Area Foundation is what got the program off the ground last year!" – Julie Sorby, Family HealthCare

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This brought tears to my eyes and as I am pouring over reports trying to figure out how to cover some of these costs. We really appreciate the grant. Thank you and the FM Area Foundation." – Kathy Potter, Access of the RRV