Agency Endowments

Nonprofit organizations can enhance their charitable efforts through permanent funding. An endowment is one of the best ways to permanently support the operations of your organization. We currently manage more than 50 agency endowment funds that support local nonprofits.

Our expert staff and fund managers will take care managing and investing the fund, so you can concentrate on carrying out your mission. You can even work with our team, to ensure your endowment qualifies for the North Dakota Charitable Income Tax Credit, giving your donors incentive to give more.

Benefits of setting up an agency endowment with us:

  • We offer guidance to develop your endowment over time.
  • We accept complex gifts, such as stock, real estate, life insurance policies and more.
  • Your fund will be listed on our website making it easy for anyone to donate.
  • Regular reporting to you on fund performance.
  • Fiduciary oversight of the management of your endowment provided by our experienced investment committee.

If you have questions about whether an agency endowment is right for your organization, please contact Greg Diehl or Lexi Oestreich, and we'd be happy to help answer your questions.