REACH-Rural Enrichment and Counseling Headquarters Receive Grant for Imagine Hawley Thriving

REACH is a multi-agency human service center serving primarily individuals and families in rural Clay, Becker and Norman Counties in Minnesota. 

A comprehensive community wide mental health education effort was launched by REACH in collaboration with Imagine Thriving. Resources were developed and distributed widely throughout Hawley that helped spread awareness of the importance of mental wellness and information on how and where to seek help in the community.

The Imagine Thriving Student Board will give a presentation to Hawley High School students, and another session will be held in the evening for Hawley parents and the general community. REACH and Imagine Thriving will use a portion of the grant funds to hold this event.

A woman who has used REACH’s programs and services in the past approached the REACH & Imagine Thriving booth at Night to Unite in Hawley in August 2015 and asked questions about what Imagine Thriving provided. She opened up about the difficulties one of her children was having with their mental health and was able to receive support, materials and resources to help be more understanding of what her child was going through. She received tips for how to talk with her daughter about her struggles and information about how to set up an appointment with one of the mental health service providers at REACH.