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The Longspur Prairie Fund Receives Grant for The First Ever Bee Hunt and Pollinator Study

The Longspur Prairie Fund fosters the experiences, insights and pleasures found in the native landscapes of the Red River Valley through advocacy, education and conservation.

The 2015 Bee Hunt and Pollinator Study was a two part program based on two levels of community engagement.

Part 1 – The First Ever LPF Bee Hunt – was a public outreach/public education program designed to raise awareness regarding the importance of local pollinators and the importance of local ecologies. Roughly forty community members participated.

Part 2 – the Pollinator Study – supported the work of Dr. Bryan Bishop and his students at Concordia College in their research documenting and cataloging the bees and pollinators of the Red River Valley. Dr. Bishop and his students also oversaw the Bee Hunt and provided the scientific expertise for the event. The grant was used to fund literature, printing, and event set