YWCA Cass Clay Receives Grant for Shelter Children’s Services

The YWCA is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

The YWCA’s comprehensive approach to supportive services allows women to focus on their goals and removes one of the most common barriers to success-childcare. Located within the shelter, Shelter Children’s Services (SCS) includes licensed childcare for 29 children. SCS Childcare service is available to all Emergency Shelter residents, as well as other housing participants, who are pursuing independence.

Children learn how to make healthy choices, have fun in a safe and supportive environment, strengthen relationships with family, and develop positive relationships with role models and other students. In 2015, 887 children participated in SCS programming.

Late last year, a seven year old boy arrived at the shelter with his mother after fleeing their abuser. In addition to a violent home environment, he had been bullied at school. When he first arrived, he was very quiet, reserved, and lacked confidence. After a few weeks, both he and his mother began to transform. His mother secured employment and started making significant progress on her journey to independence. He started to come out of his shell and began to make friends. There were even a few times his laughter filled the room. Now, they live on their own and he has become involved in extracurricular activities at school.