All Together FM Fund Gives Out $24,000 to Hospitality Workers

The All Together FM Fund, created by Drekker Brewing Company and Fargo Underground, has officially awarded grants to 82 hospitality and service industry workers in our community.

This was a nation-wide effort, championed locally by Drekker Brewing Company and Fargo Underground, to provide disaster relief to those in the hospitality and service industry affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They brewed and distributed a special beer called All Together, with proceeds going to support service industry workers in our community. The beer was released in late April, and more than $24,000 was raised! 

One grant recipient said, "Thank you FM Area Foundation and the All Together FM Fund for the thoughtful grant. We definitely appreciate it!"

The FM Area Foundation would like to thank Drekker Brewing Company and Fargo Underground for initiating this generous effort and everyone who helped support it.