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Donors & Fundholders

Donors & Fundholders

Through the generosity of our donors and fundholders, the FM Area Foundation is able to partner with and manage over 500 local charitable funds, provide grants and scholarships to qualifying organizations and individuals, and encourage engagement and contributions throughout the Fargo-Moorhead area.

What is a Donor?

A donor is a group or individual who has donated funding to one or more of our funds or charities.

What is a Fundholder?

A fundholder is a group or individual who has started a fund in order to support another group, organization or cause.

Giving Through FMAF

Since 1960, donors have used the FM Area Foundation to support their favorite charities throughout the Cass-Clay region & beyond.

Types Of Funds

The FM Area Foundation offers a variety of funds and flexible options to help you meet your charitable goals.

Ways To Give

There are many ways to give back to the community. The only question may be whether you should give now or give later.

How to Start a Fund

Giving back to your community should be an enjoyable experience, and that’s why we make giving as easy as possible.


Show your support

For over 60 years, the FM Area Foundation has worked hand in hand with individuals, families, businesses, professional advisors, and nonprofits to create funds that support our community. We manage more than 500 charitable funds, each with specific objectives or catering to the community’s most pressing needs.

You have the power to make a positive impact in two ways. You can donate to one of our existing funds, or you can contact us to create a charitable fund that matches your values. Whichever route you choose, we are humbled by your trust and grateful for your kindness and generosity.

“We wanted the scholarship to live on as a legacy for Norman and I in our communities to encourage a young person as they seek their dreams.”

Agnes Liudahl Donor

"We established a donor-advised fund to consolidate assets that will be used for charitable purposes. Doing so has management and tax advantages that make our dollars go further in helping others.”

Ron & Nancy Saeger Donor

“Given charitable giving impacts everything - investment planning, taxes, and estate planning, a holistic approach where someone understands the big picture is often helpful.”

Steven Nelson Prairiewood Wealth Managment

“Support through the FM Area Foundation and its supporters has created an immeasurable impact on our work — delivering hope and fostering a sense of belonging for so many in our community going through a tender time in life. This ripple of kindness is cultivating joy and shared connection in our community, just because, and only made possible through generous donors. What a beautiful gift to know your community cares about you!”

Kelly Krenzel Hope Blooms

“We are thrilled to engage our daughters as future advisors to our fund. Knowing there will always be a family member to guide our charitable intent makes us feel great.”

Mike & Peggy Bullinger Donors

“Anything that can motivate a child’s love of reading deserves support. Read to Lead can be such a vehicle.”

Noel & Judy Fedje Donors

“Thank you to the Women's Fund for supporting our moms and children.”

Jeremiah Program Program

“The community foundation is specifically created to encourage and nourish the giving spirit in the community.”

Art Cupler Founder

“Thanks to support from the FM Area Foundation, we completed two major projects. We're very grateful for the Foundation’s generosity as these projects support our mission to preserve and maintain the historic facility.”

Emily Beck Fargo Theatre

"The FM Area Foundation goes above and beyond to help our mission thrive! They have been instrumental in helping us serve so many local families with access to furniture, and are a wonderful asset to us and our community. We are incredibly grateful for their support!"

Jordan McCormick Furniture Mission of the Red River Valley

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