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Wells Fargo Awards $25,000 to Foundation’s Community Response Fund

Wells Fargo  awarded $25,000 to the FM Area Foundation’s Community Response Fund of Cass and Clay CountiesThe purpose of this fund is to provide support to organizations engaging in immediate and long-term recovery services following a community crisis or disaster.  

The FM Area Foundation and its Board of Directors created the Community Response Fund of Cass and Clay Counties in 2017. This fund was established to collect donations from individuals, families, businesses, private foundations, and the like, to support immediate and long-term recovery efforts in the event of a community disaster or crisis in the Cass Clay area. 

“Disaster preparedness is one way community foundations take the long view for their communities,” said Tim Beaton, Executive Director. “The FM Area Foundation is equipped to handle charitable donations in the event of a community disaster. With 59 years of experience providing philanthropic services and supporting the Cass Clay region, the FM Area Foundation has the proven expertise to collect and distribute donations in a streamlined and collaborative way.” 

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