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Bravely Done: See Beyond Your (Perceived) Limitations

The FM Area Foundation’s Women’s Fund is hosting “Bravely Done: See Beyond Your (Perceived) Limitations.” This event will create a space for conversation to grow self awareness and encourage you to be brave, in your personal and professional life.

Robin Huebner, WDAY news anchor and keynote speaker, will share her story.

“I’d like to say I felt brave when standing up for myself at a former workplace. Actually, it was the only acceptable path. Only after the fact, when others told me I’d been brave, did I think maybe I had been.” -Robin Huebner

This is a continuation of the January 2015 “Conversations That Matter” event, which focused on fostering mentorship relationships. In honor of last year’s event, we encourage you to invite your mentor or mentee!

All are welcome to attend.

WHAT: Bravely Done: See Beyond Your (Perceived) Limitations
WHERE: Microsoft Commons (4550 42nd Ave. S, Fargo, ND)
WHEN: Jan. 20, 8 to 10 a.m.