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Six for the summer: Mid-year reminders about charitable giving

Donate appreciated stock to your fund at the community foundation. Yes, yes, we absolutely understand how easy it is to write a check when you want to boost your donor-advised or other type of fund at the FM Area Foundation. If you can remember to pause before you pull out your pen, though, considering whether […]

Up in the air: Charitable planning in a shifting tax landscape 

It’s an election year, so you may have more questions than answers as you work with your advisors to build your financial and estate plans. In particular, the looming sunset of key provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 has created tremendous ambiguity. For many taxpayers, the potential sunset of the TCJA’s higher estate tax […]

Inclusive Playground Grant-City of Moorhead

The Inclusive Playground is an innovative addition to our community and offers a welcoming space where individuals of all abilities can come together for fun and recreation. The play area features a specially designed rubber surface, landscaping, and sidewalks, making it accessible for individuals using wheelchairs and those with mobility challenges. Additionally, the park boasts […]

Celebrate variety: Many assets make great gifts to charity

When your client is getting ready to contribute to a fund at the FM Area Foundation or other charity, remind them not to reach for the checkbook automatically! Here are different (and typically more tax-savvy) options to consider. Marketable securities Gifts of long-term appreciated stock to a donor-advised or other type of fund at the […]

Legal developments: We’re watching!

As your go-to resource for charitable giving techniques, the FM Area Foundation’s team pays close attention to best practices in addressing the broad range of your client’s charitable intentions to support both near-term and long-term community needs. This includes tracking legal developments that may broadly impact philanthropy, specific giving vehicles, and everything in between. For […]

Left behind? Why companies need philanthropy advice, too

It’s relatively straightforward to see how philanthropy figures into the financial and estate plans you build for individuals and families. After all, many of these clients are already supporting their favorite community causes, and it’s your job to make sure they know about all the options for structuring their near-term and long-term plans to give […]

Five FAQs to help you establish an endowment

Many community-minded individuals have served on the boards of directors of charitable organizations in our region. If you’ve served on a charity’s board (or several!), you are no doubt familiar with the concept of an endowment. Many charities establish endowment funds and reserve funds at the FM Area Foundation to help ensure that their missions […]

Donor-advised fund do’s and don’ts

A donor-advised fund is one of many types of funds you can establish at the FM Area Foundation. Field-of-interest funds, designated funds, unrestricted funds, and scholarship funds are also popular and can make a big difference in the community while also fulfilling your goals for tax and charitable planning. If you’ve established a donor-advised fund […]

Fund types tailored to your client’s charitable goals

Just as each of your clients has a unique estate plan and financial plan to meet the client’s particular situation and goals, each of your philanthropic clients needs a unique charitable giving plan. For example, for some clients, giving shares of highly-appreciated stock consistently yearly to their fund at the FM Area Foundation makes the […]